Learn the science behind reading and how to understand it yourself with these free resources. What if seeing things through a different perspective solved your issues? Natal Charts provide everyone with an understanding of their inner planets (dispositions they are helpless to unless aware of them), and when outer planets in our solar system shift, our inner planets align in different ways. When understanding that everything is symbolized in astrology to be ruled under a specific planet (like Neptune rules Fame/Celebrities) or sign (Scorpio Rules other people's money), you can see its just translating symbols and planets to meanings. This symbolizes and rules everything including how to make yourself money, find your dream career, heal your home and family relationships, find your ideal partner, etc.







Time Nomad is a Natal Chart Creater. It Builds not only Natal Charts, but Synastry (2 people combined) Charts, Progressed Charts, Extended and Star Charts as well as Daily Transits and Moon Phases

Nebula is a horoscope app that actually provides tailored horoscopes based on current events and planetary transits as well as your personalized natal chart. Without including your natal chart, your horoscopes are painfully vague/in-accurate. is a great tool for generating any charts, as well as Astrocartography (understanding where your inner planets line up on meridian lines all over the world if you move to where your career planets align you can find career success significantly quicker and easier!) This requires no mobile phone and can be done completely from a computer.