Thank you so much for today’s reading! It was very interesting and insightful. You gave a spot-on description of who I am- and described it better than I could have! Now I have more awareness of the inner workings of my mind and my life path. I loved the Astro Map that you described to me! - this was something I’ve never heard or seen before. I have been feeling confused about my next step in my career & creativity, but after our conversation I feel inspired knowing that I can be creative and conventional! Which used to cause a lot of confusion for me. I also feel reassured about setting healthy boundaries and testing out things I’ve always wanted to do!
You were spot on with having a dream career... that didn’t end up being what I wanted. My reading was very in-depth and well articulated- I will definitely reach out to you for some astrology based marketing tips in the future! 🙏😇

- K. K.

I was feeling stuck at work, and was talking with Linkon about what was next for me. No joke- he literally told me that this week I would receive huge news in my career that would propel me forward. He said it would be sometime Wednesday-Friday but said he really thought it would be wednesday. On Wednesday my boss called me and let me know that I had gotten a HUGE promotion (18+%) at work. Linkon was 100% correct! I am in absolute awe!!


Astrology has greatly helped me in terms of finding a sense of self. It has acted as a great compass in terms of guidance and self exploration. Through astrology I have learned how to better interact with the world around me based off of who I am as an individual, and in turn my personal relationships and quality of life have been greatly enriched. I learned much of the terminology regarding astrology through Linkon, and I would highly recommend him for any type of natal chart reading. He is truly passionate about passing on his knowledge of astrology to other people in order to improve their quality of life!

- J.P

Through my reading with Link, I was able to better understand my life path and purpose. I gained insight on why I was drawn to certain interests, activities, people, and even habits. In our brief reading, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about my past life and occult-tendencies. Link brought such a positive energy to this reading, and I am excited to apply my new knowledge to my life now.

- J. I.


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